A Pirate Battle on the High Seas

The Pirate Life

Top Ten Pirate Movies of All Time

Join us, as we set sail on a cinematic journey of discovery to review Hollywood's top ten pirate movies of all time.

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A Fearsome Pirate Captain

History's Most Infamous Pirates

Prepare to be transported back in time as we reveal the most notorious pirates who ever sailed the seven seas.

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A screaming cartoon pirate

A Guide to Pirate Slang

Dive into the swashbuckling world of buccaneers with this treasure trove of pirate slang, our guide to the colorful lingo of history's most notorious sea dogs!

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Pirate Plunder and Treasure

Climb aboard, as we embark on a treasure hunt through history, uncovering some of the truths and myths surrounding the swashbucklers of old.

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Jolly Roger Pirate Flag

Pirate Flags

Flags to shiver yer timbers. Join us as we unfurl the flags of history’s most notorious pirates, and learn why they flew them.

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Pirate Customs and Lore

Learn about the surprisingly democratic nature of piracy during the 17th century, and the customs and beliefs of these outlaws of the high seas.

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Fact from Myth: Pirate Jewelry

Join us as we separate fact from myth. Explore the truth behind the iconic jewelry worn by these swashbuckling adventurers.

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